When There’s too much on my plate and no time to spare,

Waste my time watching a movie? oh I wouldn’t dare,

The only fun thing I think of is ‘What do I wear?’

For most dressing up is just another task,

What’s so fascinating about clothes? Is what my friends ask,

Fashion is a haven in the warmth of which everyone could bask.

It’s like a new opportunity every day,

Dress up formal or casual you can have your way,

Any trouble? ask your friends they’d help with a yay or nay?

With pencils, pumps, wedges or boots you have the whole world at your feet,

 Ruby red in winter, Teal for fall and whites to beat the heat,

Then Wear your hair right, walk with stride, making a fashion runway of the dull street.

I turn to fashion experiments when I feel down,

A brilliant mix and match of clothes helps me get rid of my frown,

So Dress well, feel happy, work better and you’ll be the talk of the town.

What You Have Missed In Goa

Have most of your Goa trips been about partying and clubbing? Well then you’ve surely missed a lot!

So here’s a Goan’s guide to enjoy Goa. This is especially useful if you’re on a family trip or looking to explore the true spirit of Goa.

  1. Talking about spirit, Goa has an ever festive spirit! As a tourist you can choose to enjoy the Christmas and New year festivities or the year round temple Jatras.

Jatras are annual festivals of temples. Most temples in the towns and cities, here host Jatras which attract a lot of attention especially from the locals, they are lavish festivals where famous classical musicians perform, delicious local dishes are served and people arrive dressed up in the best of their silk decked up in heavy gold and diamond jewelry. Unique rituals are performed at these jatras for example Shantadurga temple at veling recently held a grand abhisheka in honor of the main deity,  1000 silver kalashas were involved in this ritual. 

whatsapp image 2019-01-22 at 02.36.20 (1)

1000 Silver Kalashas arranged on a Rangoli to honour goddess Shantadurga

There is a unique concept in Goa- Kul devasthans, also known as family temples. Being Goan I have 3 Kul Devasthans here, these are temples my forefathers served at as priests for generations. Such Temple-Family affiliation ensures that people share a sentiment for their Kul dev (deity) and is a reminder of their Goan roots, no matter where they are settled. This relationship shall continue for posterity. Even now as you enter these temples it seems like time has stood still since centuries.

2. Goan beaches are beautiful, it’s not just the golden sand and blue water but also the cool shacks with local treats and peppy goan music, especially in the evenings when the tide is high, the cool breeze just fills you up with delight. My personal Favorite is the Candolim beach! It is very close to Panaji. The shacks here are good but the main attraction is the walk upto the beach, if you ask the locals they’ll direct you to the market road leading to the beach, it has amazing restaurants and shops. The shops sell a range of stuff right from handicrafts to clothes and accessories! The whole street is so ‘Alive’ with soothing melodies playing around and visitors of different nationalities hanging out. It’s one beach you mustn’t miss!! Another beach to visit is the Baga Beach! You also have exclusive access to private beaches when you stay at hotels like Cidade De Goa and the likes.

whatsapp image 2019-01-24 at 02.09.16

Pretty Trinkets I got from shops at candolim beach

3. The Next is Mapusa Market: This is a Hustling Bustling Market selling anything and everything you might want to carry back home, like souvenirs or cakes. I visit this Market to buy Polis. Polis are soft round buns, it is the local bread, there is a whole Poli market, which also offers marzipans and sugar delights during Christmas season. Francis Bakery in Mapusa serves delectable bakery items.

whatsapp image 2019-01-24 at 02.09.41

Delicious cakes from Mapusa Market

4.Panaji: This is a place I spend Maximum amount of time at

whatsapp image 2019-01-22 at 02.36.20whatsapp image 2019-01-22 at 02.36.19

a. It has the best kind of restaurants my personal favorites are :

  1. Chilli and Spice at Fidalgo: It serves yummy risottos, Pastas and Iced Teas, the buffet here is to die for, it’s fantastic!!

 2. Aunt Maria at Fidalgo: Has delicious bakery items and milkshakes.

whatsapp image 2019-01-22 at 02.36.17

d. The festive ferries are popular at Panaji, you can board a carnival ferry or a Casino ferry.  Though I’ve mostly been on the Christmas ferries, maybe you can explore the casino ferry and write to me about it!whatsapp image 2019-01-22 at 02.36.10

e. There is Zantye’s Cashews: It is a very popular cashew store offering a range of flavours and types of Cashews.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-24 at 03.12.08.jpeg

5. The Nature Freak in you would be pleased to explore the following places:

a. Dudhsagar Waterfalls: The waterfall is 60 km from Panaji, the name implies sea of milk. The story behind this name is interesting, The handmaidens of a beautiful princess ,who had just bathed in the waterfall, shielded the princess from a passerby, by pouring milk from a jug, this milk formed a cascading curtain. The waterfall is majestic and a must visit, there are number of adventure treks leading visitors to Dudhsagar!

b. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: Dr Salim Ali was a popular Indian ornithologist and naturalist, he was known as the Bird Man Of India. This bird Sanctuary has numerous migratory birds and insect species. It Is an estuarine mangrove habitat.

c. Various adventure groups: There are various adventure groups in Goa, they gather for various activities like spotting exotic snakes, rare frog species and even trekking rough terrains.

Goa is fabulous, it has a lot to offer, it could be your place to search for peace and tranquility at various spiritual and religious centers, or your adventure zone, it could even be your foodie’s den or shopper’s paradise, your tanning destination or land of festivities, I hope this post helped you to look at Goa from a whole new lens, as someplace known for more than its party clubs.

So go ahead book your tickets and have a great vacation!



We’ve stepped into 2019 with great hopes and wishes. But one of the most important of these is Longevity.

So my first post this new year is about a place in India often visited by millions in hope of increasing their lifespan. This well known place is Mahakaleshwar, located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Mahakaleshwara is believed to ward off ‘akal mrutyu’ which is death on account of sudden and unforeseen events.

My first trip to Madhya Pradesh was about a month ago, with family, on my mother’s birthday. Though a short one, it was a wonderful visit. We landed in December the pleasant winter breeze of Indore welcomed us to the Heart of India.


We drove to our Hotel The Lemon Tree, which has a central location, is close to the airport, has a mall right across the street, and the citrus café here offers delicious meals. The following morning we did a little city tour we visited the Kali Temple and the very Famous Ganesh Temple, later we proceeded toward Ujjain about an hour and a halfs drive from Indore.

Journey by road is very comfortable from Indore to Ujjain, with beautiful open spaces and farm lands. In winter, water brids fly closer to vehicles to take advantage of the heat emitted.

On our arrival at Ujjain we happened to come across the Bharat Mata Mandir few steps away from mahakaleshwara temple. As the name suggests the main deity is Bharat Mata, the goddess who symbolizes India.

Later in the evening at Mahakaleshwara, we were fortunate to get a very short queue. There are times when people have to wait for over half a day to enter the temple, in such cases I would recommend purchasing a VIP pass and joining the VIP queue which is much shorter.

The Jyotirlinga is very creatively decorated every day. With the use of clay, the jyotirlinga is given beautiful facial features and dry fruits are often used as decorative elements. Some days the linga is given the face of lord Ganesha whilst on other days the linga has the face of lord shiva, it is very impressive. Before the gates of the temple close the group of devotees who have waited till the closing time have a chance to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

It was a beautiful experience inside the temple. We even attended the Abhishek the following morning where we offered fresh milk to mahakaleshwara. The temple has a popular early morning ritual called the BHASMA AARTI, at the aarti ,Indian traditional attire is compulsory for all attendees and the pass can be booked online. The temple priest informed me that the Bhasma also includes ash from the cremated remains of human beings.

This does not come as a surprise, Lord Shiva is known to meditate in cremation grounds, as cremation grounds are places where the material desires and the body which yearns to fulfill these desires are burned to ashes.

This temple with its unique rituals and the priceless blessing it bestows upon its devotees, is a popular destination in India and is hence one of the many reasons to visit Madhya Pradesh.




I was recently invited to the ‘Lokarpan’ ceremony of PERSONALITIES OF INDIA – a series of short films on some of the great men and women of India. The series has been directed by Mr. Devendra Khandelwal and Mr. Yakub Sayad.

The event was graced by Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi-Union Minister of minority affairs and Dr. Mohan Bhagwat chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Celebrities from the film industry were also present.

IMG_20181029_124335 (2)

This is a unique initiative taken by the IIMC- Indian Infotainment Media Corporation, wherein these short films, each about 2 to 3 minutes long, depict the contributions made by some of the great personalities of India. The series comprises of 100 short films aptly presenting the life contributions of 100 such personalities.

What triggered the idea of developing these films was a survey ,which revealed that majority of our younger generation is completely ignorant of even the existence of most of the great personalities . These personalities have played a vital role in shaping the way for an independent and progressive India in diverse ways which include its freedom movement, science, spiritualism, literature, politics and social reforms.

Some of the short films were screened at the event and they were extremely interesting and engaging.


This initiative of the IIMC and Mr Devendra Khandelwal illustrates in the shortest time possible, the lives of great men and women who have achieved unprecedented success in fields of dance, music, literature, freedom struggle, religion, politics and business.

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat said he believes that when the youth will be introduced to the vigor, zeal and passion of the great achievers of india it will reflect positively on their personality and character as they will develop traits like ‘atmavishwas- selfconfidence’ and it will enlighten them about the glorified principles these great men and women lived by. He said, during the freedom struggle, the masses made an effort, even in the absence of sufficient access to media and technology, to contribute in every way possible to restore the freedom and dignity of india, it is our duty in present times given the liberal access to media and technology to research the lives of these great heroes who gifted us our freedom. He concluded his address to the audience with interesting anecdotes and lauded the efforts of the makers of the series.

Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who has contributed to the concepts and scripts of the short films also shared interesting points about this initiative.


Mr. Devendra Khandelwal also addressed the audience. He said that most students were aware of only a few personalities of india and the school syllabus didn’t do enough to augment their knowledge, this lack of awareness especially among the youth, motivated him to take this initiative. He realized that an attempt to match this knowledge gap by way of the latest trend- short films, could invoke their interest and achieve the desired purpose. He shared that when the short films were screened for a group of students their first question was “ Are these fictional characters? ”.

I gained a lot of inputs from the event and was lucky to be among the few to catch the first glimpse of the short films. The series is indeed a great source of infotainment.

The life stories of these great personalities who call India their Janmabhumi and Karmabhumi constitute an ocean of inspiration and motivation and we must ensure to hand down this legacy over to coming generations.



The Current Needs Of The Indian Economy


Professor Bhagwati Prakash Sharma was recently invited as a Guest Speaker at a seminar held by Sewa International in Mumbai. Prof. Sharma is an expert on Management and Global Trade Scenario who has been participating and studying the MTAs in the bi-annual ministerial conferences of WTO ever since the launch of Uruguay round of talks for the formation of WTO.


I attended the seminar to get some insights on ‘Sustainable and Inclusive Growth’.

As per IMF, India is the World’s Third Largest Economy by Purchasing Power Parity and sustains the second largest population in the world (17.8 % of the world population). Though the contribution of the manufacturing sector is currently lower than what is expected to sustain the present population, according to the IBEF the manufacturing sector of India has the potential to reach USD 1trillion by 2025 and India is expected to rank amongst the top 3 growth economies and manufacturing destinations of the world by 2020.

Professor Sharma believes that Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India is an essential step forward in the current economic context.

India uses technologies owned by developed countries hence most of the funds generated in India are spent in the form of Royalties. Therefore, we need to develop our own competent technologies in order to ensure that a higher proportion of the generated funds remains in the domestic economy. Another advantage of developing our technological expertise can mean that we export our technology at a lower price than the developed countries do.

A powerful example Professor shared with the audience was that of Electric Cars with Artificial Intelligence, that will be in high demand in the near future. Countries like China are working effectively towards such innovative breakthroughs. If the Indian economy want to survive this new phase in the automobile industry the need of the hour is to work towards developing the necessary technologies and to ensure effective application of the same at affordable rates, before global giants takeover the market share of the domestic firms and claim majority of domestically generated funds in the form of profits and royalties.

It is also important that the Indian Consumer Realizes the importance of purchasing not only Made In India but Made By India products. This is how the domestic industries will get an incentive to invest in Research and Development and be able to Provide Premium Quality products.

The Current Market scenario with Patanjali dealing in toothpastes and detergents, is an apt example that was shared in the seminar. Patanjali captured a large market share off the market shares of domestic firms dealing in similar products, it had very little impact on the share of Large multinational competitors. This means that the consumers who actually chose Patanjali’s products over their regular preference, were already buyers of domestic products in the first place, there was negligible tilt towards domestic products by the customers of foreign manufacturers. This hampers growth and innovation in domestic industries.

Thus there is a need to Encourage and Nurture startups and entrepreneurial ventures in the current climate of Deglobalization that has commenced with Brexit and changing Economic Policies of United States. India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem and We need to cope with this changing climate and use it to our advantage.

There are numerous examples of successful startups that Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma shared with us one of them being the the120 employee company with an expected Rs 35 million turnover this year that was started by Rahul Gupta and , AMUL that emerged from a powerful socio-economic movement, which shook the British bureaucracy.

The professor also stressed that though the Farmer’s produce i.e agriculture sector, had a very low contribution in the GDP, farmers are one of the most significant consumer category, since whatever reaches as income to their homes is ‘Spent’ on a number of manufactured products and essential services hence generating demand for the 2 major sectors in our economy namely- Secondary Sector and Tertiary sector. Hence, it is absolutely important to understand the relevance of this category of consumers.

He explained that much of Food Produce is in surplus in many regions and the government is doing what it can by giving the excess of MSP(minimum support price) over the Price (price the produce got sold at in the market) in cash to those farmers who didn’t receive MSP, but it is very important to find new alternatives for example adding value to the surplus produce by generating by-products that could have a substantial demand in the market.

During the round of Question and Answers he made some note worthy points on the concern on effects of growing population on the Indian economy, he emphasized on 3 important points:

  1. Population Policy (Not Population Control)
  2. Quality Of Education
  3. Income

He asserted on the need of an effective population policy. He also said that quality of education is an absolute necessity to ensure that India’s population becomes its strength. For example The No detention till class 8 policy in India ( that was supposed to be similar to every student succeeds act(ESSA)  in the US) ensured that each child will be promoted to the next grade regardless of their semester scores, this he said , could’ve been better implemented if the students were encouraged  to improve their performance and academic record by conducting extra lectures for them as was done under the ESSA in the US. There are a lot of ways through which quality of education can be improved, student involvement increased , and syllabus made more practical and interesting with the joint effort of educational institutions and Academic boards. The number of students in India’s schools and colleges surpasses the populations in many individual countries, one can imagine the kind of potential our country will possess in the presence of quality education. Another point he stressed on was increasing the proportion of the middle income group in the country.

He concluded the session by acknowledging the importance of Angel Funds, Venture Capitals, Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers in India.

It was a highly insightful and interactive seminar that made me appreciate the significance of entrepreneurial ventures and the need of more domestic investors willing to invest in domestic startups. The 3 pillars on which the future of india’s population depends on reflects how this environment of innovation and economic growth can be further developed and sustained.



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Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is a unique festival in India that has found a place on UNESCO’s Representative List Of Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity. It is the largest peaceful gathering in the world.

The Kumbh Mela is held by rotation at one of the following four Locations in the world:

  1. Haridwar
  2. Allahabad
  3. Nashik
  4. Ujjain

My interest in this unique cultural phenomenon drove me to a Seminar ‘SANSKRITI KUMBH’ held at Iskcon temple Mumbai, organized by Chairman of Essel group and member of rajya sabha  Mr Subhash Chandra Goenka

The seminar was held in the presence of Chief minister of Maharashtra Devendra Phadnavis, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Aditya Nath , Mr Subhash Chandra Goenka ,General Secretary of RSS Bhayya Ji Joshi and Subhash Ghai a renowned director and producer in Bollywood.

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Many other celebrities from the Indian film industry were a part of this event including Madhur Bhandarkar, Ronit Roy , Ashok Pandit, Manoj Joshi, Himesh reshmiya, Mika singh , Manoj Tiwari ( also a politician) . Chairman of CBFC Prasoon Joshi and Author Ratan Shardha were also present.


The seminar started with everyone standing up to India’s national song ‘Vande Mataram’ performed by a renowned artist. Followed by Celebrities like Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh and Manoj Tiwari performing songs of cultural and national importance.

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The mythological and scientific relevance of The Kumbh Mela ,that is being attended by generations for over 3000 thousand years, was presented by means of interesting video skits.

According to the Samudra Manthan Mythology -the Gods (Devas) and the Malevolent Beings (Asuras) were at a war. The Devas sought the advise of Lord Vishnu to help them vanquish the Asuras. Vishnu suggested that Devas must obtain the Nectar of immortality (Amrita) by churning the ocean(samudra) of milk hence the name Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). The devas and asuras agreed to share the amrita after the churning process and used Vasuki a serpent as a churning rope. The devas and asuras pulled back and forth at the churning rope and the mountain that rested on the top of a turtle’s shell(Vishnu took the form of the Kumra turtle) churned the ocean. As soon as the nectar of immortality was produced the devas took it along, leaving the asuras behind, during this process a few drops of the nectar fell into the waters rivers. These are the very places where the kumbha is held and people attend this mela to take a dip in the holy waters at the Kumbh.

There’s a Scientific significance of Kumbh Mela too. At the time of kumbha there is a unique alignment of the planet Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon. The effect of the alignment is on the waters of the river , on the banks of which the kumbha mela is held. Sadhguru featured in a short clipping at the event confirming that Bathing in the waters of the river has a unique positive effect on the Mind and Body of a person and he/she shall even notice a great spiritual progress in oneself.

Mr. Subhash Chandra Goenka, spoke about this 3000 year old practice of attending the Kumbh, an event of bathing in the holy river waters , with around 130 million visitors from various socio-cultural backgrounds, and invited the chief ministers for their words on the same.

Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis in his speech drew a apt image India, a country that has seen many invasions and has yet stood strong due to its foundation of VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM- the whole world is one family. The different religions, castes and cultures in India coexist in harmony due to a positive attitude adopted by Indians and this has been a huge strength for the nation. This ability to manage A large and diverse population is reflected in the age old Kumbh festival, where people from all walks of life are present at one place and at one time in a peaceful environment. He also mentioned that MIT has conducted a study of how wonderfully the crowd was managed at Nashik Kumbh in 2015 where even if a single person was lost he/she was reunited with one’s family by the efficient authorities at kumbh. He invited everyone to Kumbh 2019 at allahbad stating that it is a unique opportunity to be a part of a historic event.

 Chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath was invited next, he in his speech, cleared a lot of Rumors ,that are being spread over the years about the extreme stampede like situations at kumbh, and said that many people are under the false impression that people once lost at kumbh may never reunite with their families. He assured us that Things are very different at Kumbh, though there are millions of visitors, things are organized very well with facilities to stay in well-equipped Tents,  Thousands of lavatories, Hospital facilities, water facilities, adequate crowd control measures and other arrangements. He also spoke about how he believes that the KUMBH MELA commencing in January 2019 will establish new standards of cleanliness and hygiene with No dirt and No flies and No bad smell, inspired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swatch Bharat campaign. The area across which the activities at Kumbha will be held will also be larger this time.



Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath mentioned that rumors of communal hostility are often generated to discourage people from certain castes and faiths from attending this festival. But this is far from true, the fact is that it is very common for people from different castes and faiths to attend this peaceful congregation of millions. With this he urged his audience to attend and to encourage people both from India and abroad to attend the The Kumbh Mela 2019.

The CM of UP also recommended people attending the Kumbh to visit some places of historic significance very close to Kumbh-Allahabad namely Chitrakoot and kashi.

Another essential point I took home from the seminar was that the kumbh is held for 56 days and It was a practice in earlier times to be present and bath daily in the holy waters during this period. But, due to the fast urban lifestyle it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to be present for such a length away from their workplaces so to obtain benefits of this phenomenon Sadhguru urged people to meditate for 40 days from their places of residence and then bath in the holy waters.

Bhayya Ji Joshi concluded the seminar acknowledging the efforts of CM Yogi Aditya Nath in aiming to make Kumbh 2019 a grand success. He requested everyone to attend this age old cultural congregation and suggested some places nearby of religious and cultural importance that one could visit.

IMG-20180908-WA0073It was in all a fantastic informative and interesting event, as a youth I am now able to appreciate the significance of the Kumbh and intend to attend it, I urge all those who are reading this to attend the largest peaceful gathering of people where there shall be no disease no epidemic and no panic but only gains in the form of physical, mental, psychological and spiritual benefits.

The expected crowd this time at Kumbh shall be 150 million which is equal to the population of UK and Germany put together and all the required facilities will be available for anyone who wishes to be an attendee, expected levels of cleanliness and hygiene will be maintained and Technical support is being developed to assist the police force in effectively managing the movement and saftey of the crowd.

Kumbh 2019 in ALLAHBAD will begin on January 15, 2019 and end on March 4 , 2019.

Paramahansa Yogananda Ji

A saint who transcended the realms of all Religion,

Who inspired and transformed many through his Yogic Vision.

To my Dear Guruji, Paramahansa Yogananda Ji, I pay a humble tribute, This Teachers’ Day,

He is the One who taught me to always be Positive, and keep fear at Bay.

‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’- (his popular book) brought the divine teachings of Guruji into my Life,

It is a deep Ocean of Knowledge, The more You will discover, the deeper you dive.

One can learn a lot from the enchanting experiences Guruji had since he was a little boy,

His Grace and Spirit in handling situations is what both Theists and Atheists shall Enjoy!

He ever exuded Love, Courage and Compassion,

To live by his Virtues is indeed my greatest Ambition.




Being Currently Based in Hyderabad (India) I invite a lot of people over but no one seems to really believe it’s an ideal tourist spot Until they do actually visit us ,here’s a list of places one could visit in Hyderabad and conclude that it’s actually a great vacation spot!


Spend an entire day here or you could stay here over the weekend

When I first shifted to Hyderabad we decided to stay in RAMOJI to explore every nook and corner of this fantabulous weekend getaway !

A. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED : There’s a bus within Ramoji that is a ticket to explore numerous film sets including those of bollywood and tollywood blockbusters with a tad bit of interesting robotics and similar technology used here and there for shere thrill. The various stops include the sets of  the Epic: MAHABHARATHA, Airport, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Japanese Garden, Sun fountain as many more, It’s a very unique experience and is a MUST VISIT in Hyderabad and in INDIA for that matter!

B. HAUNTED HOUSE Within Ramoji Filmcity is all Fun and exciting ! It has various Rooms with unique concepts but essentially revolving around the ‘horror’ set up, it’s worth visiting ,though located in the kids zone it is surely for people of all ages !!

C. HOLLYWOOD SHOW: It’s an excellent Live show in a black light set up with people dressed in,and props developed using fluorescent colours popping in and out of the dark  presenting a Grand Musical on Hollywood

D. The WILDWEST SHOW: As the name suggests it’s a skit based in a wildwest set up and is one of the main attractions out here cause it’s a STUNT SHOW and has a slight element of comedy as well it has various SURPRISE elements.

E. OTHER SHOWS : Including the bollywood show (DISCLAIMER: it’s always crowded and though i’ve been to ramoji around 6 times i haven’t been able figure out the secrets that lie within, you can drop me a mail about it incase you’ve been lucky enough to make it to this show) and The Spirit Of Ramoji Show where experts present a series of Dance and other entertainment


F. TARA SITARA : These are the 2 Hotels inside ramoji, there are some Budget Hotels within ramoji too which include Shantiniketan, But Tara Sitara are the better known ones and have multi-cuisine restaurants too

G. There are many restaurants within ramoji, there’s a food court where they serve italian-oriental-mexican dishes whilst the buffet joint on the opposite side serves indian specialities, there’s hence a lot of variety

H. FOR KIDS: Ramoji is paradise for your little ones, they have many rides, game shows and magic shows for kids there’s a separate place developed specially for the children it’s a nice place even for the adults to check out as they even have provisions for RAIN DANCE , the set up is great with structures of various ZOO animals and Butterflies, caterpillars and even dinosaurs are strategically positioned for this whole area to resemble Toyland.

I. BAHUBALI SETS: For All those who’ve watched Bahubali and even for those who’ve missed it, the sets of this blockbuster film is situated in Ramoji , there’ll be a halt to allow you to explore this Massive Set, (Do Carry hats and scarves since it’s an open ground and the heat might spoil the fun)

J. SAHAS : This place is for all the ADVENTURE JUNKEES! , It’s a wonderful adventure zone having various activities like ATV , BODY ZORB FIGHT , BUNGEE EJECTION, HIGH ROPE COURSE , HUMAN FOOSEBALL , MELTDOWN , MOUNTAIN BIKING , SHOOTING , ARCHERY , PAINT BALL and many more.

K. CARNIVAL PARADES : There are GRAND carnival parades hosted by ramoji with talented dancers and acrobats performing with massive props and wonderful costumes, It’s truly a delight. This takes place in the evening time once all other shows are done for the day. It’s Ramoji’s way of thanking all the visitors and ensuring they visit again, Guess that explains why i’ve been there 6 times and still counting!



This is a Craft Village co-existing with all the urban infrastructure of hitech city (hyderabad), it’s a wonderful place to visit and if you are born and brought up outside of India it’s a whole new experience, SHILPARAMAM has a typical indian village set up with craft shops in form of cute huts, structures of men and women dressed in traditional attire and involved in daily chores are set up in various areas giving a realistic village set up. It’s a great place to shop gorgeous hand crafted show pieces, Furniture, Garments, cutlery and other kitchen items, one may purchase exotic items like pashmina shawls and traditional jewelry whilst you enjoy the beauty of this place, the prices are negotiable and reasonable but it’ll surely get you thinking of paying for extra luggage on your flight back, after your shopping rampage. For those accompanying you who’re not interested in shopping they could enjoy a short boat ride in the pond that’s located in the heart of shilparamam and can take a nice walk appreciating the spirit of the place as various arts like puppet shows and magic shows are held at short intervals , there’s also a mini hill around which you could take a leisure walk.

3. GOLCONDA FORT : The best time to reach this massive and impressive fort is around 5:30 when the temperature is just right and there’s enough light for you to explore the place about an hour before you gather for THE SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW, not many are aware of this show, it’s a must watch ! The show narrates the history and various facts associated with the GOLCONDA FORT through the medium of sound and light it’s infotainment at its best indeed!

4. CHAR MINAR : Well, this monument is the first thing that comes to the mind of everyone who knows that the city- Hyderabad exists, It’s a monument that also serves as a mosque, it is said that this well known monument that has some elements of persian architecture was built at the very place where Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah had prayed for the eradication of the then wide spread disease -Cholera. There’s a popular market close to the charminar that has shops selling various goods like Bangles, apparels, jewelry and similar items.

5. SNOW WORLD : I would recommend this only if you don’t have a place using this concept in your city already, or if you haven’t been to any place like this before or if you have kids are young, SNOW WORLD is a place where you have some amusing things to do like a mini haunted room- LIVING DEAD, a mini rainforest themed area that’s in a dark room and an area where you have a maze with mirrors all around to add to the confusion as you find your way out, but the main attraction is the SNOW WORLD which is also the name of the main activity area out there, It’s essentially a room that accommodates around 250 people who are required to be wrapped in the winter wear that SNOW WORLD provides including overcoats, caps, gloves and boots. The room is filled with snow and Ice including food items sold in glasses made of ice, there are some fun activities and mini rides inside the room which you can use if you are left with some time to kill as most of it will be consumed in throwing snow balls at each other. In short you’ll be having a great time at snow world

6. TEMPLES : There are various temples one may visit in hyderabad my favorites ones by far are – BIRLA TEMPLE and JAGANNATH TEMPLE beyond the pleasure of meditating out here one would be enchanted by the architecture, wall sculptures ,ambience and beauty of this place.

7. HUSSEIN SAGAR LAKE : Is a huge lake at the center of which is a beautiful budhha statue one could enjoy the boating facility here and dine at any of the best restaurants out here


 I would recommend you to take a nice drive along jubilee hills and banjara hills and dine at any of the restaurants out here , there are various concept restaurants one would spot here serving various cuisines. so choose a cuisine and restaurant of your interest and enjoy the evening !


This resort is right opposite to mrugavani national park , you may visit mrugavani national park to spot some spotted deer, some birds like the peacock and some small animals like the Fox after this you may visit the mrugavani resort take a stroll and explore the place and have a buffet meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) at its restaurant.


You may be tempted to visit the malls if you can’t get enough of shopping the 3 most popular malls here are 

INORBIT MALL (hitech city) 

FORUM SUJANA MALL (kukatpally)

GVK ONE MALL (banjara hills)

11. BONUS: IKEA – It is a Swedish Multinational Organization dealing in furniture, kitchen and home accessories and appliances, IKEA Launched its first outlet in INDIA on 9th of August, it has multiple storeys housing various sections of items of household needs. It has revolutionised the concept of a mall as it also houses its own food court and a special area designated for kids as well, It’s a great place to shop and hang out!!.

When you have ticked off all items in this list you’d indeed have enjoyed the spirit of hyderabad. Hope you have a great trip! 



This is especially for all the overseas subscribers of my blog

Visitors from outside of India are ideally pulled to the metro cities of India which you can’t deny have more or less a westernised infrastructure and they end up enjoying and observing the uniqueness of our beautiful nation to a limited extent

I often encourage people to visit unconventional places so that they can enjoy the true spirit of India which is symbolised by diversity in demography as well as in geography

One of my recent visits was to Udupi (Karnataka)

Udupi is a beautiful city in the state of karnataka , The proximity of Udupi to many important towns and cities is what I love about it, Mangalore airport is about an hour away from Udupi.

Here’s why you should look forward to visiting udupi:


I spend hours here, during each of my trips to udupi. The Main Idol is carved out of the bark of a Jackfruit tree and is around 400 years old. There’s also a  Janardhana temple within the compound of the main temple. It is a peaceful place to be at and is associated with several miraculous incidents, About 25 years ago a Woman entered the temple premises with some offerings for the divine mother, but the Ambalpadi(goddess) temple inside was closed, the upset devotee sat chanting prayers for Mother and that’s when the goddess herself appeared before her to accept the offerings. This temple also hosts numerous rituals and is famous for the variety of prasadam(temple meals) offered on a banana leaf. The  temple also has a backyard garden and a pond in front of it adding to the aesthetic beauty of the place.





ambalpadi temple


Manipal is a town located very close to udupi. It has numerous educational institutions having a wide acclaim from people within and outside India. The university crowd is very cosmopolitan owing to the diversity of students coming from india and abroad. There are many fun places to hangout here with numerous restaurants and hotels surrounding this place.

a. Dollops : This is a fun food joint serving a range of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. I recommend – Egg Plant in hot garlic sauce and their milkshakes! The rest is your choice, but it surely is a must visit.


dollops restaurant



a great place to hang out with family and friends

b. Onesta : This is Karnataka’s very own Pizza joint and is popular amongst the students in manipal, the range of calzones, pizzas, desserts and soft beverages makes it a great option for all visitors.

c. Venugopal temple: It is a famous temple in manipal. The main deity is lord krishna. The architecture of this temple is very unique the roof of the temple is a huge dome it reminds me of a butter ball. It is a must visit in manipal.


venugopal main temple

manipal2  manipal4






I would strongly recommend visitors especially those from other countries to visit small towns like karkala to experience new cultures and life-styles . The central location of Udupi facilitates transport to various towns and cities. The small town of  Karkala with population of about 26000 derives its name from kari-kal that is black stone in TULU a language spoken in some parts of karnataka, it shouldn’t be surprising that black granite is unusually common in this area. Another language spoken here is KONKANI which happens to be my mother toungue ! The drive from udupi to karkala is beautiful, one comes across lush green spaces and little houses every now and then. Though we hire a car in udupi i love to take a bus ride to Karkala, it is a different experience travelling with the locals chattering in their unique mother tongue, the wind playing with your hair as you slide the window open, the fragrance of the first rain in the region and the rare interaction you have with travellers who’ve been shuttling between towns on account of employment. in karkala there are some places one could visit:

a. Venkatramana temple:

it is also known as padutirupathi temple, it’s said that if one is unable to make it to the popular pilgrimage destination-Tirupathi due to any reason one must visit this temple.

My grandmother was born and brought up within the compounds of this temple, i have a sentimental attachment to this place, it is amazing to imagine her as a little girl running around the pillars of the temple, it reminds me of the stories she told me about the beautiful carvings of grapevines and sparrows on these pillars. I recommend this place to people not because it is a unique experience for me but because it is so well maintained and peaceful inside that one may not want to leave the place for hours!

editedhanuman.jpg  editedkarkala2


b. Hanuman Temple : Opposite the venkatramana temple is the hanuman temple where one would fine a massive idol of lord hanuman covered with Orange sindoor, it is a small temple but the visit to karkala is incomplete without paying a visit to Lord Ram’s (a form of lord venkatramana) beloved devotee hanumantha.


c. Gomateshwara statue : Karkala was ruled by Jain Bhairarasa Odeyars who worshipped  lord Gomateshwara, hence there is a tall statue of this saint who is said to have meditated motionless for one year in standing posture later attaining omniscience.

d. FOOD : With limited options i generally recommend dining at ‘Sagar’ it serves delicious south indian and north indian delights

e. Snacks: There are some unique snacks available in this part of south india, I would recommend picking up Banana chips , Jack fruit chips , sweet potato chips most of them fried in Coconut Oil, other items that could be taken home and later deep fried (healthy option- put it in the air fryer) include- vodi (onion/garlic fritters), potato papad, jackfruit papad and many more!


This place is in udupi, it is a very famous temple and has some other temples around it ( eg. raghavendra swami temple) . There is a moving story behind this temple’s main idol. Kanakadasa was a devotee of lord krishna and lived in a hut in front of the gopura of the temple, he was not allowed to enter the temple on account of belonging to a lower caste and a wall separated the devotee from the deity’s idol, But one night a tremor cracked the wall and the east facing idol rotated to the west to bless his devotee, it was a wonderful lesson to one and all – Caste and status meant nothing to the lord, Devotion was all that mattered. The wall was never fixed infact a window was built in the wall to allow everyone a darshan even from outside the temple.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5.BEACH AND OTHER FUN PLACES: There are many other places to visit in and around udupi including the Malpe beach, St. Mary’s Island, Kudu falls, Mattu beach

6. MITRA SAMAJ: This is a wonderful restaurant with a modest ambience but delicious food. It is the Birthplace of the all time favorite Masala Dosa. It’s our standard breakfast joint, we feast on their specialities: Masala Puri, Manglorian Buns, Vada Sambar, Masala Dosa, Idly and Filter coffee. It is right behind the udupi krishna temple

7. DIANA ICE CREAM : The king of Ice-creams in Udupi. It is a well known joint I have been visiting since childhood. Some of their specialities are Gadbad ice-cream, Horlicks Cake, Vegetable Cutlet, Dahi Vada. It serves yummy north indian and chinese items too ( chinese items in india could be very spicy for the residents of other countries)

You could take a flight to mangalore and drive to Udupi and the places around it, I love staying in udupi because it’s an experience very different from the usual metro-city life that i tend to lead. The list summarises the true flavour of a Udupi local’s weekends in the city. So go ahead and book your tickets !


My trip to Australia!

I was enchanted by my travel experience to the Australian Continent, 

Amongst all the must visit places i’ve listed Australia is the most pertinent.

The dazzling city of Sydney is where we commenced our trip from,

On a night cruze under the Sydney Bridge we enjoyed the food and weather Both nice and warm.

We had a wonderful guided tour in and around Sydney Opera House,

Then we explored Madame Tussaud’s Museum clicking dozens of snaps with smiles and pouts.

The blue mountains host the steepest passenger railway, it was a unique experience,

We walked and strolled around this place admiring its scenic significance.

Next city was Melbourne, where we enjoyed the most but i’ll have to keep it concise,

The first attraction here was the Melbourne Cricket ground a cricket enthusiast’s Paradise.

We encountered little penguins on our trip to Phillip Island the very next day,

Watch them parade from the ocean to their burrows was adorable needless to say.

A Helicopter ride was an exciting experience as we spotted the 12 apostles,

There they stood upright in the ocean mighty and colossal.

On my arrival at Cairns the next day, i figured it’s a place all fun and funky!

Oh yes! this trip made me realize I am indeed a travel junkie!!

On an army Duck vehicle we toured across the tropical forest,

That evening we attended the Tjapukai show, meeting the aboriginal people who were kind and modest.

The best part of this trip was the time we enjoyed at the Great Barrier Reef,

Not being an expert swimmer, I had to keep my Snorkelling Stint brief.

The final Destination as per our Itinerary ,was the City of Gold Coast,

By now we were convinced that Australians are fantastic hosts.

At Movie World the Interactions with characters and Fast rides are what we really liked,

Then at Sea World we were amused by the sea lion-Dolphin show and stunts performed by experts on water bikes!

A day before our departure we shopped tons of garments and other paraphernalia,

This is how we concluded Our first trip to Australia !!

Sydney Australia



As mentioned in my previous post having worked with  Apparel manufacturers,advising and assisting them in matters of fashion and style, I have acquired an interest in fashion blogging to spread some knowledge that will help you upgrade your fashion sense and upgrade your business ideas if you’re in the fashion industry.

                                                             LESSON 1

COLORS are an essential element of Fashion and Marketing in the Fashion Industry, Its and easy way to convert prospects into customers as colours present an instant appeal to the eye.


A. COLORS are Representative of different aspects of seasons

B. SCIENTIFIC reasons : Dark colours need to be avoided during summer as they absorb the wavelengths of light converting it to heat

C. It’s a good Fashion Habit to ensure that colors are in sync with seasons, it exudes style!

D. Colors Reflect your Moods and so do Seasons!

E. ADVANTAGE TO CUSTOMERS OF AN APPAREL BRAND THAT SYNCS COLORS WITH SEASONS: Your staff will be able to give better fashion advise to potential customers who will trust your brand better and customer satisfaction and loyalty will be achieved

F. When the shelves are overflowing with discounted garments during sale season you can cut through the clutter and make a right guess about which garments belong to which season on the basis of color and hence make a wiser choice



AKKALKOT- Swami Samartha

I drove for an hour and a half  from Tuljapur to Akkalkot and had plans to stay in Solapur (further an hour away) that night. But i changed my plans…read on….


The drive from Tuljapur to Akkalkot (BOTH IN MAHARASHTRA) was picturesque, there were landscaped hills and farms everywhere, a couple of ponds peeked at us from between the bushes, little huts and houses of farmers marked the presence of human life. Goats and Cows were grazing on the lush green grass and every now and then a herder would use a stick on the most mischievous of the lot as if reprimand them.


When we reached Akkalkot we were so impressed by the little town, there were little lanes with colorful houses,  people wore traditional attire in varied colors and there were bhajans playing all around (songs sung in praise of the lord), though there were no elite hotels there was a temple Guest house that had non-a.c and a.c. rooms available if you ask me the A.C. delux and A.C. VIP DELUX are better options , We were glad to eat the Dinner offered by the temple to its devotees(fabulous lunch also available), the food was delicious later We proceeded for the Main temple where we attended the Aarti performed in front of the deity-A renowned Indian saint SWAMI SAMARTHA, the temple is a walking distance from the guest house and it’s food hall. One of the reasons why it’s a renowned temple is that the bed of swami samartha is kept here and it’s one of the places swami samartha used to be at.


In fact a tree in the compound of the temple has projections which have taken an exact formation of the hands and feet of the deity, it’s indeed a miracle to notice the perfect formation and one can even touch the formations and ask for a wish which shall be granted.


After an wonderful darshan we took our leave for the evening and decided to stay in akkalkot that night as it is a place very different from what we have seen before it has beautiful Sculptures of SWAMI SAMARTHA, SHIVAJI MAHARAJ and his army, we concluded our day with a lovely Kulfi (indianised version of ice-cream) available outside the guest house, In the morning we started on our way back to Hyderabad we had some Misal Pao a traditional Marathi dish from a stall outside, there are numerous stalls five steps away from the guest house offering many traditional Indian dishes for breakfast and snack time, whilst lunch and dinner are taken care of by the temple. On the way we stopped and prayed at the SAMADHI of the Indian saint, It was a Fantastic trip to the town of SWAMI SAMARTHA who would always re-assure his devotees by the words  ‘Bhiu Nakos Mee Tuzya Paathishi Aahe’ ( भिऊ नकोस, मी तुझ्या पाठीशी आहे.)  translated as ‘NEVER FEAR I’LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU’.





Having previously had an experience in advising and assisting Garment manufacturers in the context of fashion, without formal training in the field of fashion, and After Multiple interactions with the youth of India especially women who have had a passion for fashion designing  but were unable to fulfill it, I have been inspired to blog about my knowledge in this field, which is purely based on Experience, hence much of my skill is commercially inspired having had worked with manufacturers on designs and patterns that sell very well. Now, many fashion designers wish to launch their own brand and aim at creating and promoting complex designs which their target audience may not be able to relate to leading to low sales (not having many takers in the market), it is important to understand the commercial viability of your garment offerings!                                    Hence the 4 P’s of marketing need to be considered

PRODUCT : All aspects of the market offering example design pattern,color!

PRICE : The Price is the sum of incurred cost and expected profit that is the estimated revenue per unit of sales

PLACE : The place where the products need to be marketed and made available keeing in mind the target audience

PROMOTION : The tactics used to promote the sales and image of the product and brand including sales promotion, discounts, advertisements and such other elements suitable to the target audience and the standard of your product.

These aspects must be in line with consumer expectations to be in business. Many fashion shows are a failure due to lack of aforementioned consideration, as one may manage a great audience but there are hardly any customers at the end of it.

My aim is to introduce my audience to the Basics of and Major concepts in fashion and styling keeping in mind the commercial viability resulting in a win-win for both the manufacturers, their employees and fashion enthusiasts in general.

YOU CAN FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IN SEARCH OF FASHION ADVISE, JUST DROP A MAIL TO bloggerssk13@gmail.com And you’ll receive a reply at the earliest.


I just returned from a great trip-Tuljapur, Most Indians are aware of the significance of this place and for the rest of you here it is!


This picture of maa bhavani appears on mementos sold outside the temple: photography is prohibited within temple premises

This Destination in Maharashtra is of historic significance as the TULJABHAVANI TEMPLE is located here, It is believed that the goddess (MAA BHAVANI) once presented a sword to CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ who was a huge devotee of MAA BHAVANI. This story motivated his troops as they were ever confident of their victory as long as they had the deity’s blessings! This blessing and the Faith of his troops coupled with Shivaji Maharaj’s leadership, Tact and intelligence has worked wonders, Shivaji led his troops to numerous victories even when they were gravely outnumbered and were faced with impossible circumstances.


Picture of  the gate of the Temple from outside


Offering shops outside the temple and thousands of devotees

I drove from Hyderabad(telangana) to Tuljapur(Maharashtra), it was a smooth highway and the ride was comfortable we reached tuljapur in the afternoon, bought the necessary offerings and headed straight towards the temple, the weather was great and the colorful shades of the offering stores were slow-dancing in the breeze, the whole atmosphere was so different, one could appreciate the spiritual significance of this place as thousands of devotees headed to the entrance, we opted for the PAID DARSHAN to avoid too much crowd and to See the deity from the closest permissible distance that is 10 feet( the Free darshan allows you to see the deity from a distance of 20 feet), As we stepped into the temple premises we could smell the fragrance and see the presence of Turmeric and Sindoor all around as it is a traditional hindu offering to a female deity in India, there was also a diya(lamp) where one could offer Oil, it is a good omen to ensure a diya never exhausts itself ,through continuous supply of oil and other materials. Since photography isn’t allowed within the temple one has to visit the place to see how colorful and beautiful it is inside,


TULJABHAVANI LADOO PRASAD: traditional indian sweet available at the temple

We spent very little time in queue before we had the opportunity to be present before maa bhavani, she looked beautiful her eyes were bright and clear filled with enough compassion to sustain the whole of humanity. It was a beautiful experience to be in the same corridors, that have once had the opportunity to witness KING SHIVAJI, the pride of india,himself. As we stepped out of the temple all of us felt the urge to see the goddess once again until next time , we headed for ‘mukh darshan’ which means to see the goddess from a distance of 40 feet, it was again a short queue and we spent a whole of twenty minutes there admiring her from a distance, right behind us was the idol of her husband , Lord Bhavani Shankar we offered our prayers and left for our next destination AKKALKOT.



The work on the copper plate next to the image of maa bhavani is of astrological significance

If you visit tuljapur, you could stay in solapur which has a variety of good hotels and restaurants.(TULJAPUR AND SOLAPUR are 45 kms apart)


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On a Fine Monday morning as I was on my way from Pondicherry to the Chennai Airport, I sat in the backseat wondering  how I could make productive use of 6 hours that I had in hand before I  boarded,  I crossed a couple of options such as an unusual act of reaching the airport before time or exploring a city I had visited in the past-Chennai, as we took a stop mid-way a blessed soul recommended us to spend a few hours at MAHABALIPURAM, we were thrilled at the chance of exploring a new destination!



The whole place is set overlooking the shore of the Bay Of Bengal, We were Refreshed by the very sight of the Beach as we strolled towards this temple ,that was built in 700-728 AD with blocks of Granite at the time of Pallava Dynasty. This has been declared as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE as one of the group monuments at mahabalipuram. The sun shone on our Faces whilst the cool breeze from the sea brought us great respite on a hot summer afternoon. The temple was massive and people climbed huge rocks to get the right snap at this marvelous selfie spot.



As we sat in anticipation of what great monolithic Indian architecture we will be witnessing next, we were highly impressed by the next tourist spot- PANCHA RATHA’S or 5 chariots. mahabalipuramelephantEach of these 5 chariots are carved out of a single long stone of granite. This place is a blessing for photographers, it has 5 chariots each named after a pandava and draupadi of the MAHABHARATA.  In order of size, they include the Dharmaraja ratha,Bhima Ratha,  Arjuna Ratha, Nakula Sahadeva Ratha, and Draupadi Ratha.

mahabalipuramchariot2  mahabalipuramlionchariot3  mahabalipuramchariot1


Whether you are a worshipper of Vishnu or you have a different favorite Deity you are bound to appreciate the uniqueness of this temple. Located very close to the descent of ganges and the butter ball, we were lucky to have been present here during Aarti, as I mentioned before this temple is Unique because the sculpture of Vishnu in resting posture doesn’t have  NAAG Dev (snake deity) to support his head, it’s a beautiful stone idol covered with gold and other ornaments and so is the idol of his wife Lakshmi. IT’S A MUST VISIT IN MAHABALIPURAM !!

mahabalipuramvishnu2 mahabalipuramvishnu1.jpg


We heard from our driver that this butter ball is a legend in itself, as the legend goes it has been in 1 place for 1200 years , despite being based on a slope ( weighing 250 tons, and having dimensions of 6m (ht), 5m(wide) and a base of 1.2 m that too on a slope! ) It  is said that the then governor ARTHUR HAVELOCK attempted to move the boulder using 7 elephants but failed, the same ensued when KING NARASIMHAVARMAN made a similar attempt. It’s a very popular tourist spot for people living in an outside of mahabalipuram and we loved it!!



On our way to Krishna’s Butter Ball we stopped to check out a masterpiece made by sculptors out of ‘2 monolithic boulders with a cleft’, water may have flown through this cleft at some point in the past, it is a marvelous structure with great details depicting  the story of the descent of river GANGA to earth from heaven, the waters of Ganges are said to possess  special powers. It is also a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SIGHT.



As a lover of the Beach, I enjoyed the tranquility of this beach, it was not very crowded when I reached here, the water was as blue as I wanted it to be, I took a stroll along the beach enjoying the cool breeze and the water playing ,catch and run ,with my feet. It was Overwhelming.

mahabalipurambeach2 mahabalipurambeach1.jpg

This is how we concluded our visit to mahabalipuram it was a unique experience indeed!!

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pondicherry gate.jpg

I was out in Chennai for some work and had the weekend free so I decided to take a 3 hour drive to Pondicherry and stay there over the weekend.

At the beginning I was a bit upset about the fact that it has major spaces which resemble those of most of indian towns, but eventually I realised Visiting the right places, indeed made Pondicherry a wonderful tourist destination!!


Carry your swimming gear as It’s one of the best places to visit in Pondicherry, we hired a ferry upto Paradise Beach it’s a beautiful island beach, there’s a choice between hiring a Motor Boat and a speed boat, but my word, no matter how much speed thrills you, you’ll enjoy watching silver fish jump in and out of water and the sight of migratory birds circling in the sky and a speed boat will only paradise2shorten the duration of this experience…..on reaching Paradise beach after a 20 minute motor boat ride we indulged in  activities such as Rain Dance which they’ve arranged for visitors, swimming , one may use their  little post-swim shower facility, there are places to sit under the shade and enjoy the view of the Horizon. One little down side is that the dining facility out here is very modest and one can’t carry their own food, though water, basic soft drinks and similar chilled refreshments were  available, we spent around 2 hours out here despite shortage of time , I’m sure you’d be motivated to do better before you line up in a short queue to be ferried back to chunnambar boat houseparadise


We started our 2 kilometer walk from the parking lot to Matri Mandir…it was one of the hottest days in Pondicherry as it was summer and we were asking every person on their way back just one question “how long is it from here?” wishing some miracle would alter the distance for us but we had some Positive Distractions that completely took our minds matrimandirballoff the heat and sweat…and the distraction for a foodie ,out here, are 2 wonderful Cafés….they offered a variety of stuff right from cakes, pastries, to puffs, samosas and sandwiches, if you’re lucky enough to make it at lunch time or 7pm onwards you can choose from a variety of dishes like pizza’s and many north Indian items, salads and the list goes on.

Further along the road we had few more pleasant distractions such as PLACES TO SHOP, There is a Departmental store selling items produced at Auroville right from Eatables like jams and drink concentrate, chocolates to Capsules containing essential herbs of nature and amongst other categories they sell Garments, Lampshades, Cosmetics, Purses and so on…we bought most of what I mentioned!There’s also a garment boutique matriwalkopposite the store…There’s a Video Room explaining the significance of this beautiful place..From here we resume our wonderful Nature Walk upto Matri Mandir, which is a huge sphere surrounded by 12 petals, it’s essentially a dome covered by golden discs reflecting sunlight, the INNER CHAMBER consists of a meditation hall and an optically perfect glass globe that’s supposed to be the largest of its kind in the world, open to public by appointment. Surrounding it is a peaceful open ground which is a perfect selfie spot to click pics with the dome and you’re damn right it’s one of the reasons I need a new memory card!…we spent in all 3 hours at this peaceful and blissful location.




Another place of spiritual significance is Sri Aurobindo Ashram we were ushered in by few disciples everyone was requested to maintain silence at all times within the ashram,It was a Wonderful and Peaceful space with flowering plants and shade-giving trees all around the courtyard, there was no commotion, no chit chat, All cellphones were switched off and every single soul was elated by Rarest of Rare experience of Peace….we placed our foreheads on the Marble Samadhi under which lie the physical remains of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, one could feel a divine vibe at that very moment when one’s forehead touched the marble shrine. It is a wonderful Experience in itself and a must visit spot for people of all generations.

foyer du soldat


It’s a wonderful walk along the raised artificial banks of the beach…Promenade is a French word for ‘walk’….and when in Pondicherry do as the French do, hence take a Walk along this beach and Dine at any of the many Restaurants out here….We dined at ‘Sicily’s’ it was good… in fact their CHOCOLATE FLAN was the best I’ve had yet!!walk2ahatma Mahatma Gandhi Statue and Statue of dupleix..The statue of the father of our nation and that of French governer Dupleix are a stone’s throw away from each other it’s one of the treats to your eyes when you stroll along the promenade beach!



A fantastic beach with numerous colorful boats on shore, offering hence the best opportunity for a photoshoot, these boats belong to fishermen who live close to the beach, We enjoyed the water and the Mesmerizing view, we loved watching the sunset out here, the orange life sustaining ball looked its best as it sank in the refreshingly blue water body marking the end of another wonderful day in Pondicherry.img_20180603_175507_hdr.jpg


  • Lighthouse

We saw 2 light houses in Pondicherry one is the Old lighthouse that can be seen whilst we jogged along the promenade beach, the other is the new lighthouse which is much higher I suppose, we chose to see both but from a the ground level itself, given more time I would’ve chosen to check them both out!! We got great pics anyway!!

oldlighthouse  newlighthouse.jpg

  • Manakula Vinayagar Temple

    This is a beautiful temple, I fell in love with how colorful this place was, it’s architecture is representative of most of those found in South Indian especially Tamil Nadu, hailing from north I was captivated by every single painting and wall sculptures of this magnificent temple which Is 5 steps away from Aurobindo Ashram.


  • The Basilica of Sacred Heart Of Jesus

We could make it to the Sunday mass at this beautiful Church with a gothic architecture, as everyone sat silently in prayer I couldn’t help but keep spinning my head in admiration of the numerous colorful glass pictures of saints and some of those depicting the life of Jesus…the church is very close to promenade beach.jesus

  • Café Xtasi

This place may look like a medium sized ordinary restaurant but the pizza’s served here are beyond ordinary! A huge variety of Veg and Non veg pizza’s are available in all sizes !!Sizes range from ones that may be shared by 3 or by 8-10 members, the flavours are highly unique and The taste is out of the world, the pastas are delicious and it’s a must visit in Pondicherry!!!!


  • ousteriOusteri Lake

We Surprisingly had some extra time on hand at the end our trip that’s when we decided to drive to Ousteri Lake which is on the outskirts of Pondicherry and like a picnic spot for many families, we enjoyed the view out here. The areas in and around the lake,  house many migratory birds including the painted stork, one could use a boat ride to appreciate the beauty of this water body and the birds that fly around you.