Skin Care in India has a Lot to do with Effective Home Remedies that have been a Legacy handed down by generations.

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Today i shall recommend A Popular Indian Face Pack for blemishes and acne free skin


  1. Gram Flour (BESAN)
  2. Turmeric powder (HALDI)
  3. Honey (SHEHAD)
  4. Milk



1. 2 teaspoons of gram flour

2. 2 pinch Turmeric powder

3. 2 teaspoons honey

4. add milk some when you mix the ingredients, so that it results in a thick paste


  1. Apply the paste in upwards direction on your face. (To test for simple allergies apply a small amount on a sensitive part of your arm and wait till you’re sure it’s safe for facial use)
  2. Don’t rub the paste too hard on your skin
  3. Leave it on your skin until dry (10-15 minutes wash it off in 7-8 minutes when used for the first time)
  4. Wash it off completely use a lot of water you May apply ice on first time use
  5. Pat dry and use a Mild moisturizer
  6. Don’t use Soap for 3-4 hours for better effect
  7. Use 3 times a week

This is a very effective pack and the results will be seen sooner than one would imagine!

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