My trip to Australia!

I was enchanted by my travel experience to the Australian Continent, 

Amongst all the must visit places i’ve listed Australia is the most pertinent.

The dazzling city of Sydney is where we commenced our trip from,

On a night cruze under the Sydney Bridge we enjoyed the food and weather Both nice and warm.

We had a wonderful guided tour in and around Sydney Opera House,

Then we explored Madame Tussaud’s Museum clicking dozens of snaps with smiles and pouts.

The blue mountains host the steepest passenger railway, it was a unique experience,

We walked and strolled around this place admiring its scenic significance.

Next city was Melbourne, where we enjoyed the most but i’ll have to keep it concise,

The first attraction here was the Melbourne Cricket ground a cricket enthusiast’s Paradise.

We encountered little penguins on our trip to Phillip Island the very next day,

Watch them parade from the ocean to their burrows was adorable needless to say.

A Helicopter ride was an exciting experience as we spotted the 12 apostles,

There they stood upright in the ocean mighty and colossal.

On my arrival at Cairns the next day, i figured it’s a place all fun and funky!

Oh yes! this trip made me realize I am indeed a travel junkie!!

On an army Duck vehicle we toured across the tropical forest,

That evening we attended the Tjapukai show, meeting the aboriginal people who were kind and modest.

The best part of this trip was the time we enjoyed at the Great Barrier Reef,

Not being an expert swimmer, I had to keep my Snorkelling Stint brief.

The final Destination as per our Itinerary ,was the City of Gold Coast,

By now we were convinced that Australians are fantastic hosts.

At Movie World the Interactions with characters and Fast rides are what we really liked,

Then at Sea World we were amused by the sea lion-Dolphin show and stunts performed by experts on water bikes!

A day before our departure we shopped tons of garments and other paraphernalia,

This is how we concluded Our first trip to Australia !!

Sydney Australia


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