Being Currently Based in Hyderabad (India) I invite a lot of people over but no one seems to really believe it’s an ideal tourist spot Until they do actually visit us ,here’s a list of places one could visit in Hyderabad and conclude that it’s actually a great vacation spot!


Spend an entire day here or you could stay here over the weekend

When I first shifted to Hyderabad we decided to stay in RAMOJI to explore every nook and corner of this fantabulous weekend getaway !

A. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED : There’s a bus within Ramoji that is a ticket to explore numerous film sets including those of bollywood and tollywood blockbusters with a tad bit of interesting robotics and similar technology used here and there for shere thrill. The various stops include the sets of  the Epic: MAHABHARATHA, Airport, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Japanese Garden, Sun fountain as many more, It’s a very unique experience and is a MUST VISIT in Hyderabad and in INDIA for that matter!

B. HAUNTED HOUSE Within Ramoji Filmcity is all Fun and exciting ! It has various Rooms with unique concepts but essentially revolving around the ‘horror’ set up, it’s worth visiting ,though located in the kids zone it is surely for people of all ages !!

C. HOLLYWOOD SHOW: It’s an excellent Live show in a black light set up with people dressed in,and props developed using fluorescent colours popping in and out of the dark  presenting a Grand Musical on Hollywood

D. The WILDWEST SHOW: As the name suggests it’s a skit based in a wildwest set up and is one of the main attractions out here cause it’s a STUNT SHOW and has a slight element of comedy as well it has various SURPRISE elements.

E. OTHER SHOWS : Including the bollywood show (DISCLAIMER: it’s always crowded and though i’ve been to ramoji around 6 times i haven’t been able figure out the secrets that lie within, you can drop me a mail about it incase you’ve been lucky enough to make it to this show) and The Spirit Of Ramoji Show where experts present a series of Dance and other entertainment


F. TARA SITARA : These are the 2 Hotels inside ramoji, there are some Budget Hotels within ramoji too which include Shantiniketan, But Tara Sitara are the better known ones and have multi-cuisine restaurants too

G. There are many restaurants within ramoji, there’s a food court where they serve italian-oriental-mexican dishes whilst the buffet joint on the opposite side serves indian specialities, there’s hence a lot of variety

H. FOR KIDS: Ramoji is paradise for your little ones, they have many rides, game shows and magic shows for kids there’s a separate place developed specially for the children it’s a nice place even for the adults to check out as they even have provisions for RAIN DANCE , the set up is great with structures of various ZOO animals and Butterflies, caterpillars and even dinosaurs are strategically positioned for this whole area to resemble Toyland.

I. BAHUBALI SETS: For All those who’ve watched Bahubali and even for those who’ve missed it, the sets of this blockbuster film is situated in Ramoji , there’ll be a halt to allow you to explore this Massive Set, (Do Carry hats and scarves since it’s an open ground and the heat might spoil the fun)

J. SAHAS : This place is for all the ADVENTURE JUNKEES! , It’s a wonderful adventure zone having various activities like ATV , BODY ZORB FIGHT , BUNGEE EJECTION, HIGH ROPE COURSE , HUMAN FOOSEBALL , MELTDOWN , MOUNTAIN BIKING , SHOOTING , ARCHERY , PAINT BALL and many more.

K. CARNIVAL PARADES : There are GRAND carnival parades hosted by ramoji with talented dancers and acrobats performing with massive props and wonderful costumes, It’s truly a delight. This takes place in the evening time once all other shows are done for the day. It’s Ramoji’s way of thanking all the visitors and ensuring they visit again, Guess that explains why i’ve been there 6 times and still counting!



This is a Craft Village co-existing with all the urban infrastructure of hitech city (hyderabad), it’s a wonderful place to visit and if you are born and brought up outside of India it’s a whole new experience, SHILPARAMAM has a typical indian village set up with craft shops in form of cute huts, structures of men and women dressed in traditional attire and involved in daily chores are set up in various areas giving a realistic village set up. It’s a great place to shop gorgeous hand crafted show pieces, Furniture, Garments, cutlery and other kitchen items, one may purchase exotic items like pashmina shawls and traditional jewelry whilst you enjoy the beauty of this place, the prices are negotiable and reasonable but it’ll surely get you thinking of paying for extra luggage on your flight back, after your shopping rampage. For those accompanying you who’re not interested in shopping they could enjoy a short boat ride in the pond that’s located in the heart of shilparamam and can take a nice walk appreciating the spirit of the place as various arts like puppet shows and magic shows are held at short intervals , there’s also a mini hill around which you could take a leisure walk.

3. GOLCONDA FORT : The best time to reach this massive and impressive fort is around 5:30 when the temperature is just right and there’s enough light for you to explore the place about an hour before you gather for THE SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW, not many are aware of this show, it’s a must watch ! The show narrates the history and various facts associated with the GOLCONDA FORT through the medium of sound and light it’s infotainment at its best indeed!

4. CHAR MINAR : Well, this monument is the first thing that comes to the mind of everyone who knows that the city- Hyderabad exists, It’s a monument that also serves as a mosque, it is said that this well known monument that has some elements of persian architecture was built at the very place where Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah had prayed for the eradication of the then wide spread disease -Cholera. There’s a popular market close to the charminar that has shops selling various goods like Bangles, apparels, jewelry and similar items.

5. SNOW WORLD : I would recommend this only if you don’t have a place using this concept in your city already, or if you haven’t been to any place like this before or if you have kids are young, SNOW WORLD is a place where you have some amusing things to do like a mini haunted room- LIVING DEAD, a mini rainforest themed area that’s in a dark room and an area where you have a maze with mirrors all around to add to the confusion as you find your way out, but the main attraction is the SNOW WORLD which is also the name of the main activity area out there, It’s essentially a room that accommodates around 250 people who are required to be wrapped in the winter wear that SNOW WORLD provides including overcoats, caps, gloves and boots. The room is filled with snow and Ice including food items sold in glasses made of ice, there are some fun activities and mini rides inside the room which you can use if you are left with some time to kill as most of it will be consumed in throwing snow balls at each other. In short you’ll be having a great time at snow world

6. TEMPLES : There are various temples one may visit in hyderabad my favorites ones by far are – BIRLA TEMPLE and JAGANNATH TEMPLE beyond the pleasure of meditating out here one would be enchanted by the architecture, wall sculptures ,ambience and beauty of this place.

7. HUSSEIN SAGAR LAKE : Is a huge lake at the center of which is a beautiful budhha statue one could enjoy the boating facility here and dine at any of the best restaurants out here


 I would recommend you to take a nice drive along jubilee hills and banjara hills and dine at any of the restaurants out here , there are various concept restaurants one would spot here serving various cuisines. so choose a cuisine and restaurant of your interest and enjoy the evening !


This resort is right opposite to mrugavani national park , you may visit mrugavani national park to spot some spotted deer, some birds like the peacock and some small animals like the Fox after this you may visit the mrugavani resort take a stroll and explore the place and have a buffet meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) at its restaurant.


You may be tempted to visit the malls if you can’t get enough of shopping the 3 most popular malls here are 

INORBIT MALL (hitech city) 

FORUM SUJANA MALL (kukatpally)

GVK ONE MALL (banjara hills)

11. BONUS: IKEA – It is a Swedish Multinational Organization dealing in furniture, kitchen and home accessories and appliances, IKEA Launched its first outlet in INDIA on 9th of August, it has multiple storeys housing various sections of items of household needs. It has revolutionised the concept of a mall as it also houses its own food court and a special area designated for kids as well, It’s a great place to shop and hang out!!.

When you have ticked off all items in this list you’d indeed have enjoyed the spirit of hyderabad. Hope you have a great trip! 


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