As mentioned in my previous post having worked with  Apparel manufacturers,advising and assisting them in matters of fashion and style, I have acquired an interest in fashion blogging to spread some knowledge that will help you upgrade your fashion sense and upgrade your business ideas if you’re in the fashion industry.

                                                             LESSON 1

COLORS are an essential element of Fashion and Marketing in the Fashion Industry, Its and easy way to convert prospects into customers as colours present an instant appeal to the eye.


A. COLORS are Representative of different aspects of seasons

B. SCIENTIFIC reasons : Dark colours need to be avoided during summer as they absorb the wavelengths of light converting it to heat

C. It’s a good Fashion Habit to ensure that colors are in sync with seasons, it exudes style!

D. Colors Reflect your Moods and so do Seasons!

E. ADVANTAGE TO CUSTOMERS OF AN APPAREL BRAND THAT SYNCS COLORS WITH SEASONS: Your staff will be able to give better fashion advise to potential customers who will trust your brand better and customer satisfaction and loyalty will be achieved

F. When the shelves are overflowing with discounted garments during sale season you can cut through the clutter and make a right guess about which garments belong to which season on the basis of color and hence make a wiser choice




Having previously had an experience in advising and assisting Garment manufacturers in the context of fashion, without formal training in the field of fashion, and After Multiple interactions with the youth of India especially women who have had a passion for fashion designing  but were unable to fulfill it, I have been inspired to blog about my knowledge in this field, which is purely based on Experience, hence much of my skill is commercially inspired having had worked with manufacturers on designs and patterns that sell very well. Now, many fashion designers wish to launch their own brand and aim at creating and promoting complex designs which their target audience may not be able to relate to leading to low sales (not having many takers in the market), it is important to understand the commercial viability of your garment offerings!                                    Hence the 4 P’s of marketing need to be considered

PRODUCT : All aspects of the market offering example design pattern,color!

PRICE : The Price is the sum of incurred cost and expected profit that is the estimated revenue per unit of sales

PLACE : The place where the products need to be marketed and made available keeing in mind the target audience

PROMOTION : The tactics used to promote the sales and image of the product and brand including sales promotion, discounts, advertisements and such other elements suitable to the target audience and the standard of your product.

These aspects must be in line with consumer expectations to be in business. Many fashion shows are a failure due to lack of aforementioned consideration, as one may manage a great audience but there are hardly any customers at the end of it.

My aim is to introduce my audience to the Basics of and Major concepts in fashion and styling keeping in mind the commercial viability resulting in a win-win for both the manufacturers, their employees and fashion enthusiasts in general.

YOU CAN FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IN SEARCH OF FASHION ADVISE, JUST DROP A MAIL TO bloggerssk13@gmail.com And you’ll receive a reply at the earliest.