Paramahansa Yogananda Ji

A saint who transcended the realms of all Religion,

Who inspired and transformed many through his Yogic Vision.

To my Dear Guruji, Paramahansa Yogananda Ji, I pay a humble tribute, This Teachers’ Day,

He is the One who taught me to always be Positive, and keep fear at Bay.

‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’- (his popular book) brought the divine teachings of Guruji into my Life,

It is a deep Ocean of Knowledge, The more You will discover, the deeper you dive.

One can learn a lot from the enchanting experiences Guruji had since he was a little boy,

His Grace and Spirit in handling situations is what both Theists and Atheists shall Enjoy!

He ever exuded Love, Courage and Compassion,

To live by his Virtues is indeed my greatest Ambition.